After a clearing

Jul 02 2014

After a clearing , it is best to temporarily ‘forget’ the issue that was worked on and shift our focus on something else for about 2 days, then, if you wish, check on it after. This can be relatively easy to do because we feel better at the moment.

Everyone is uniquely different and will process differently, after a session. Most everyone clears quickly and immediately, initially. Some people are sensitive and are ready to dump their issues quickly and for others, they may continue to process and clear well after the session is over. This may be for a few extra minutes, hours, or even days. It depends on the persons system and the issues being cleared.

Here are few ways to tell your being cleared. Every ones experience may be a little different.

You can’t get in touch with the thought or feeling you were having cleared.

There is no ‘charge’ to what was bothering you.
Warm sensations.
Tingling sensations.
You feel lighter.
You feel calmer.
Less pressure.
Relaxed and energized at the same time.
Balanced. Neutral. Centered.

There may be other noticeable differences, but these are common. For other topics or additional information about the services provided, please contact us.

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