Factory and Energetics

Jul 01 2014

I used to work in a factory and I would practice this 'energy work' on anyone who seemed opened, when the opportunity presented itself. I found some interesting things as I worked on the issues of my fellow workers. Most of the discomfort they were dealing with, were aches and pains manifesting in the forearms, hands, wrists and back. Some of symptoms were loss of power in their grip, ache or discomfort in their forearm or elbow, fatigue, limitations of movement, lower back stiffness, or soreness and other minor things. As I began clearing, I found some of the following underlying issues that were contributing to these symptoms.

Here are a few:

-Fear of job loss
-No overtime
-Union voting
-Union & Company negotiations
-Benefit cuts
-The influence of other factory workers and their issues
-Feeling like there is no control over life or job

Though a factory may have a history of longevity and produces a quality product, it is still, often times, a rumor mill. And it can keep issues going. There is plenty of time to think about the worst, when your job allows you to be on automatic. Make a 'shift' change.

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