Children and Pets

Jul 21 2014

Children and pets can bring us great joy, happiness, quality entertainment, a reason for us to go to work and do the things we do and/or they can help us experience fear and embarrassment with what they say and do and give us a reason to use some form of therapy (chocolate, medication, a massage, your vice here:_________) to get through. ;)

Whether you have pets that you consider to be your children or children that seem to act like little animals (Sorry Fifi !), either way, they (our children and pets) are important and we as care givers are both connected to and are mantled with the responsibility of the care and well being of these precious, little creatures.

By being connected, we, often times, feel what they feel, whether we realize it or not. Just as we may feel our children's and pets issues, they, in turn, can feel ours. Have you ever felt out of sorts but couldn't explain why? It might not be yours to begin with. Issues can be transferred from one to another.

I recently worked with someone who said they really didn't need anything cleared for them, but asked me if I could work on their dog. So I did. After the session was over, the caregiver said they felt so much better and didn't realize how much they were being affected by what their pet was dealing with. Here's the story/testimony:


When you called to check up on me, my dog Milo was in a state of trauma & extreme high arousal. A few days prior a maintenance person knocked then barged in sending my 10 lb male who had fear issues, into "Oh my God, I have to protect my place & my person". My Brave little dog bit the man's shoe & would not let him move until I grabbed him & removed him. Milo could not calm down, he barked at every noise. He could not relax because, "What if"? His constant barking and my inability to calm him had us both at wits end. I asked Todd if he could help my dog. His calm energy and words helped me to breathe in hope while on the phone. Within a day or so the knots in Milo seemed to be unwound. He was able to relax in my lap. He still barked but not at everything.

I felt violated by that man just barging in my home with out proper notice. The fact he called Milo vicious made my blood boil. While Todd was clearing things in Milo & later in me, I was able to let go of a trauma that was much worse than a maintenance man being rude & abrupt.

I am so very grateful to Todd for being willing to just help me & my dog without judgement. I am overwhelmed with gratitude that he was able to see a trauma to my dog as real & worthy of his time & his awesome gift.

[Milo's Mom]

Clearing out the issues in one being can sometimes clear out something in another as well. This is not limited to children and pets, but others we're connected to as well.

Have an Energetic Day! :)

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