Many years ago, as I was learning this technique, I had an opportunity to work on a Vietnam Veteran.

Having been in the jungle, the experience of the hot muggy environment and the feel of the leaves of the vegetation against his head as he moved through the canopy had been embedded into his memory.

He was unaware of it until a correction relating to climate/weather was made, to his surprise (as well as to mine), he could no longer feel that memory. He said it felt like something came off of his forehead.

Memories of our experiences though good or bad, conscience or nonconscious, can be a strength, neutral or weakening.

Have great Memorial Day honoring those who have served.


"Thanks so much for the beautiful experience! I am already feeling more energized and clearer in my thoughts and actions 

I just got two gift sessions for my girlfriends as gifts. Thank you once again for your guidance and help in evolving into a more complete being by clearing out unnecessary beliefs."



Grateful -

Hi Todd,

Hope you are doing great with the start of the year!

Thanks for sharing your gift with others. My friends and sis and all very happy with the insights received in the readings. As am I!

What's you avail next week from Tuesday on for my las 15 min?

Happy Friday 


Email 1: Hi Todd,

A few days ago, Queenie started limping, not using her right front paw. At first, I thought it could be a sprain, and would be better by now, but it isn't.

When she does put some weight on it, she does NOT cry, so... I'm thinking... it must be something other than physical.  She's not sick. She is eating fine, wagging her tail, all is normal except she won't put weight on her paw.  Can you please see if there is anything you can do?


(after some work, here's an update)


Email update: Thanks,I was going to wait to email you tomorrow, when I think she'll be 100%, but I'll tell you now, she's 95% better!!! Whatever you did, it worked!!

She is pretty much back to normal. When she first takes a step, she is a little ginger on the paw, but as she gets going, she walks normally.

Thanks so much.



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