This page will keep you posted of upcoming events that L.E. will be involved in. Feel free to bookmark this page for a quick glance. You are welcome to participate if you like. If there is an event, fair or festival you would like to share with L.E., please feel free let us know on the 'Contact' page. Thank you for your interest.

Free Demo!!  

You are invited to a FREE INTERACTIVE DEMO!  Chinese Energetic Technique, presented by Todd Patton of Lifestyle Energetics llc, is a non-intrusive holistic alternative therapy using energy work and intuitive counseling to help:

- Clear out physical and non-physical discomfort related to stress and negative emotions
- Energetically strengthen people to their dreams / goals
- Provide clarity with intuitive counseling 
- Others develop their intuition..........and more.

Bring your stress, pain and/or a friend.  Hopefully they're not the same, but if they are, bring them anyway. ;)  



Lifestyle Energetics llc is scheduled to attend Sunspot's 40th anniversary sale!  This big Anniversary Sale only comes once a year and it's a party you don't want to miss. You can expect the following...

 SPIN-TO-WIN at the register
 FREE SAMPLES everywhere
 DRAWINGS for amazing gift baskets
 GREAT DEALS on natural health and beauty products
 CAKE for everyone (including gluten-free)
 DEMOS for various products, supplements, and therapies

Day/Date: Saturday, November 11  

Time: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm 

Where:  3717 South Reed Road (931 South) , 

Kokomo, Indiana 46902


See you soon. :)   

Gift and Receive.  

Gift a 15 minute session and receive a 15 minute session.  Here's how: 

1. Pre-pay a 15 minute session for your Giftee.  Be sure to name the Giftee in the form when paying. (Must be a new referral, must be their first time. Excludes household dependents and pets.

2. Have Giftee call, or use the website form, to schedule their appointment.  (Gifted session must be used within 30 days of being gifted.  If Giftee does not use session, then you will have a credit of 15 minutes to use.  Woo Hoo!! :)

3. After Giftee session is over, you will be notified and your free session can be scheduled.  (Your Free session must be used within 30 days after notification of Gifted session is sent.) 

Share and Receive

When you refer someone for a 15 minute session, after they pay, you will be contacted for your free 15 minute session. If you refer more than one new referral, for every one new referral who pays for a 15 min session, you get an additional free 15 min. session.

What you need to know.

  • Must be a new referral, must be their first time. Excludes household dependents and pets.
  • After they prepay on the 'Appointments' page, they will need to call/text Todd at 765.398.9158 or schedule an appointment on 'Appointments' page. 
  • Have them mention your first and last name.
  • Once their paid session is complete, you will be contacted for your free 15 min. session. Must be used within 30 days of their payment.

Stay tuned for upcoming events / promotions here.

Thank you for your interest. Please visit again.

Do you struggle with...Aches, Pains, Worry, or Stress?

Lifestyle Eneregetics is here to help.