Your practioner for Lifestyle Energetics llc is Todd. He has studied the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Technique since 2002. He was certified under Dr. Kam Yuen in 2005. He has been practicing this method since.

Todd was introduced to this method and was referred to Dr. Yuen DC. by Dr. Jeff Friedersdorf DC. After Todd went to his first seminar, he knew that this was for him.

"I've always had an interest in the healing and martial arts. I have either dabbled, or studied, to some extent the Silva Method, Yoga, Feng Shui (elements method), conditioning and weight training, martial arts (Sho dan in Ai Ki Kempo Tai Jitsu), Tai Chi (Yang style), theraputic touch, spiritual principles and more.

"Meeting Dr. Kam Yuen was a real blessing. Someone who was well versed in similar interests." "Dr. Yuen, a Shaolin Master, has used this method to help him win on his opponents in tournaments. He then saw how to use this method to help others." "There are a lot of wonderful modalities available, however this one seemed to fit me very well." "I use this method on a daily basis for something or someone. It has been a huge help for me and others."

Todd is very interested in helping people reach their goals.

"The purpose of Lifestyle Energetics llc. is to help people reach their ideal lifestyle by clearing out blocks and making their connection stronger to their ideal, to help people become freer to reach their goals, desires and destiny and to maximize their full potential" "It's amazing how we, as individuals, can be so easily influenced on the non-physical level that it affects our physical being, moods, and lifestyle."

"I always enjoy the testimonies of how people have been helped due to this method." "I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of that experience." "To those of you who have had a session with me, I thank you for allowing me to serve."

Do you struggle with...Aches, Pains, Worry, or Stress?

Lifestyle Eneregetics is here to help.