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Welcome to Lifestyle Energetics llc.  Lifestyle Eneregetics llc offer the following:  

Energetics- A method of making energetic "corrections" that remove blocks or layers from our nonphysical being that affect our physical being.

Intuitive Counseling- Telling the client what it is that test strong as being the block or cause of an issue.

Example: A low back pain triggered by lifting a box may be more than a physical issue. It may be a support issue, or a going up in life issue, or maybe one of financial concern. There may be an infinite number of possibilities.

Homeopathic Remedies-  Homeopathy or homeopathic remedies are really energy remedies.  They have been rightfully accused of being: "Remedies with no physical substanced".  That is the point, if there were physical substances, they would not be energy remedies, they would be pharmaceuticals.  These energy remedies contain only a few molecules of the physical substances.  Homeopathy means "Like treats like" much as in the vaccine principal.  Taking the substance in a highly diluted form can alleviate a symptom that results from taking a substance in its raw form.  True homeopathics are based on a dilution factor denoted by a decimal potency of "X" (10) or the centesimal potency of "C" (100) The body does not utilize mega doses but rather takes what it needs and eliminates the rest.  Hormosis is a term used to describe small doses that create a beneficial response. Homoepathic remedies are an extremely effective form of therapy and work extremely well in supporting energetic corrections.   

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